Odeya Kannada Movie Review: Predictable And Overlong Yet Enjoyable!

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Odeya Movie Review

Darshan is back to his home ground.

Odeya Kannada Movie Review

'Challenging Star' Darshan's third film this year, 'Odeya', has released all-over Karnataka today to a good response from the movie-goers. The cinema hall where I watched 'Odeya' was almost completely full. Darshan, after tasting success twice this year, in the form of 'Yajamana' and 'Kurukshetra', is back with another wholesome entertainer named 'Odeya'. Can Darshan complete a hat trick of successes this year? We will have to wait. And, 'Odeya' is reportedly a remake of the Tamil film 'Veeram', which starred Ajith Kumar and Tamannah in the lead roles. I haven't watched 'Veeram', so I had very little idea of what the film is all about, and also the trailer of 'Odeya' did not giveaway much about its plot. So, I got into the theater to watch 'Odeya' with zero baggage in my mind. But, how is the movie Odeya? Let's analyse.

Darshan's 'Odeya' is an all-rounded masala fare to please his fans and the other audiences as well. It has all the ingredients neatly blended to cater to the target audiences' taste and also to extend the audience base by possibly highlighting it as a family film, which it quite actually is. The film has almost no vulgarity or unnecessary skin show that could put-off the family audience. The story of 'Odeya' is about five orphan brothers who are bachelors, and the eldest of them all is Gajendra (played by Darshan). Gajendra believes that marriage will break the unity and bond of the 5 brothers and hence is against his own marriage and the marriage of his brothers as well. But, his brothers want to get married to their girl friends and therefore devise a plan to make Gajendra fall in love with Sakambari Devi aka Sakku (played by Sanah Thimmayya). In between all of this, Gajendra has a local enemy who tries to get even with Gajendra. And 'Odeya', as usual, has Darshan breaking bones of his enemies and posing as a morally superior man. The story of the film is reminiscent of many such films, and follows a fairly well-trodden path in terms of its screenplay.

Even with its 'been there, seen that' feel, the story has been pretty neatly narrated with usual doses of songs, dialogues and action in between. The movie is quite predictable, but has enough elements to keep the audience entertained. 'Odeya' is quite a lengthy film running at 164 minutes, and the pace of the film is lagging in some of the segments and lets the boredom seep-in for a few moments, but bounces back decently well to get back our attention.

The movie, for almost the first 45 minutes of it, runs like a comedy film with 'humour' all-over it, peppered with slight doses of action in between. The love track between the lead pair is always in the front seat throughout the film, and the rest of all the plot points feel like padding to make the story look meaty and layered. The comic track involving Sadhu Kokila is juvenile at best, and fails to evoke much laughs. On the other hand, Chikkana does a good job as an advocate, and succeeds in infusing a good dose of laughter into the film. And, Darshan is at his usual best and gives another 'Challenging' performance. The supporting cast has done a good job with their respective roles.

The background score by Arjun Janya sounds like staple Arjun Janya score, and has no special feel to it and is pretty average. The cinematography is good, and the action sequences have been well choreographed. But, the predictable climax and lengthy runtime make it quite tiring towards the end, but the film is a decent-good watch nonetheless.

Overall, 'Odeya' manages to tick all the boxes of a typical family oriented masala film, and shouldn't disappoint Darshan's fans. For the other audience, the film can be a decent one-time watch.

Rating - 3/5

- Review by Aditya.

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